Supporting our customers under all circumstances

Technical assistance

Our technical assistance service is managed directly in collaboration with our technical office.
The people who work there are highly qualified and trained to intervene quickly where necessary to restore equipment to working order and keep down time and costs to a minimum.

Transport and mounting

We provide our customers with transport and assembly services all over Italy and abroad, with Vicario personnel or in collaboration with our authorised dealers' personnel.

copia certificato CE

The service aims to offer customers quality, speed and efficiency, while complying with all safety regulations, with up-to-date personnel trained in all the latest technical innovations.


Our parts service can meet all parts requirements for all models sold.

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O.M.V. Vicario guarantees rapid delivery all over Italy and abroad through a network of resellers, importers and couriers.


O.M.V. Vicario s.p.a. also offers a long and short term rental service with a pool of cranes to meet all requirements. Cranes offered for rental are always up to date and in perfect condition.

Gru a noleggio

Rental customers also enjoy O.M.V. Vicario s.p.a. customer assistance services and, on request, transportation and assembly services.

Used cranes

O.M.V. Vicario s.p.a. will accept used cranes for trade-in, including other manufacturers' cranes.